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Three-phase transformer is widely used in AC 50Hz to 60Hz, voltage less than 660V circuit, for import important equipment, precision machine tool, mechanical and electronic equipment, medical equipment, rectifier device, lighting and so on.

Products of various input and output voltage level, connected groups, adjusting the number and location of taps (typically + 5%), winding capacity allocation, single-phase secondary winding equipment, rectifier circuits used, whether with housing, all that can carry out meticulous design and manufacturing according to the requirements of users.

The range of transformer differential protection is the electrical equipment between the current transformers that form the differential protection of the transformer and the wires that connect these devices. Because the differential protection does not act on the fault outside the protection area, so the differential protection does not need to cooperate with the adjacent components outside the protection area to cooperate with each other in the action value and the action time limit, so it can act instantaneously in the district fault.

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