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The resin liquid of epoxy glass fiber cloth based copper clad laminate is made mainly by resin preparation and processing. The resin (epoxy resin) provided by the professional resin factory will be put into the reaction kettle, and then the curing agent, curing accelerator, other auxiliaries, solvents and so on are added to make
the mixture and dissolve.

In the process of resin synthesis, the evaporation area of the reactor in the equipment design and selection, the ratio of the height ratio of the reaction kettle, the pumping rate of the vacuum pump, the condensing area of the condenser, the temperature of condensate water, the heating and cooling of the reactor jacket,the effect of the agitator in the reaction kettle and so on, are all of the properties of the synthetic resin. There is an important impact. The correct and reasonable control of temperature, vacuum and reaction time in each stage of reaction is also very important. For resin preparation, the dosage of each component and the time
and temperature of mixing, dissolution reaction must be strictly controlled.

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