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Power Transformer is one of the main equipment of power plants and substations. Transformer action is multifaceted not only can increase the voltage of the electrical energy to power the region, but also the voltage is reduced to the use of voltage levels to meet the needs of electricity. In short, boost and buck must be done by the transformer.

In the process of transfer of power in the power system, would have a two-part voltage and power loss, voltage loss is inversely proportional to the square of the voltage is inversely proportional to the power loss and voltage in the transportation of the same power. Use of transformers increase the voltage and reduce the power transmission loss. Transformer is made up of two wound on the same core of two or more coil windings, an alternating magnetic field by contact with press working principle of electromagnetic induction between the windings.

Transformer installation location should consider ease of operation, maintenance and transport, and should choose a safe and reliable place. When using the transformer must be a reasonable selection of the transformer rated capacity. Transformer no-load operation, the required large reactive power. These reactive power to be supplied from the power supply system. If you choose the transformer capacity is too large, not only increased the initial investment, but also long-term in the transformer load or light load operation, so that the proportion of no-load losses increase, power factor reduction, network losses increase, this is neither economic nor run reasonable.

Choose transformer capacity is too small, it will make a long-term transformer overload, easy to damage the equipment. Thus, the transformer rated capacity should be selected according to the needs of electricity load, should not be too large or too small.

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