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The safety and environment protection of oil-immersed transformer

No matter what in the developed countries or developing … Continue reading The safety and environment protection of oil-immersed transformer

No matter what in the developed countries or developing countries,safety and environment protection exist problems in the operation of distribution transformers. In order not to influence the sustainable development of electric power industry which need to solve the problems.

China’s electric power supply can meet the needs of users has became the focus of social concern. The restriction of electricity  has occurred in more than a dozen cities in China.British also occurred in a large area of power cuts which affect people’s normal life and work. When people concern the power grid,they may not realize the distribution transformer exist the potential security problems and environmental issue.

Power distribution performance and operation have been greatly improved after China’s power grid reforming which also exist hidden dangerous.

According to the general feature of the power grid, the load rate is mostly 30%-40%.But it is overloaded in  peak hours.There are many uncertain factors that lead to this.For example, the continuous high temperature in summer, air conditioning load surge which may make distribution transformer overload 100% in short time.In addition, rapid economic growth has led to the growth of industrial and residential demand for electricity faster than the construction of the power grid.Overload is unavoidable.

Although the distribution transformer has alarm and protection device, it cannot be replaced in a short time even through it alarms.Power distribution facilities overload operation results in the ultimate loss of transformers.The hidden dangerous of distribution transformer is fire which produce harmful gas. With the continuous development and construction of the power grid, the consumption of distribution transformer increases dramatically. After distribution transformer scrapped, environmental protection and recycling will become a serious problem.

There are 2 ways to slove above problems.

1,It adopt NEMOX insulation paper mix in common oil technology.the capacity of reformed transformer increase a lot.The power sector can use these devices flexibly.The load drops with low losses and large capacity in load peak.

2,NOMEX insulation paper mix with high ignition point oil for producing high ignition point oil transformer.In recently years, manufacturers and expert continue to explore transformer which produced by NOMEX insulation paper can reduce security problems effectively.

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