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In the smelting industry, the temperature of the medium in the electric furnace is extremely high, and it is easy to form high-temperature splashing. After cooling and solidifying, slag is formed on the pipeline or cable, which will harden the rubber of the outer layer of the pipeline or cable and embrittle and rupture. In turn, the unprotected equipment and cables are damaged. After multiple silicone-coated high-temperature resistant casings, multiple safety protections can be achieved. The maximum temperature resistance can reach 1300 degrees Celsius, which can effectively block high temperature melting of molten iron, molten copper and molten aluminum. Splashes of objects to prevent damage to surrounding cables and equipment.

The self-extinguishing tube is widely used in household appliances. The application of insulating materials is very wide in modern society. The self-extinguishing tube is also a kind of insulating material, and has a good application in electric power and other industries. The self-extinguishing tube has the advantages of softness, flame retardancy, fast shrinkage and stable performance. It is used for wire connection, wire ends, etc. as well as protection and insulation of electronic components. The inner layer of the self-extinguishing tube has good hot-melt property, the outer layer has heat-shrinkable insulation, its sealing property is more high-quality, and it also has high-temperature insulation treatment for various household appliances, industrial appliances, lighting fixtures, etc. Insulation protection. It is made of glass fiber yarn woven into a tube, then treated with high temperature and coated with silicone resin. The self-extinguishing tube has good dielectric properties, self-extinguishing property and excellent softness, and is widely used for insulation protection of H-class N-class motor insulation, household appliances, electric heating equipment, in-machine bag line assembly of televisions and electronic instruments. Therefore, the self-extinguishing tube is very extensive in household appliances.

In high-temperature workshops, many pipes, valves or equipment have very high internal temperatures. If they are not covered with protective materials, they are likely to cause burns or heat loss. The self-extinguishing tube has better thermal stability than other polymer materials and is resistant to radiation and thermal insulation, preventing accidents, reducing energy consumption, and preventing the heat of the medium in the pipeline from being directly transmitted to the surrounding environment. The temperature is too high, saving cooling costs.

Self-extinguishing tube disassembly and assembly steps: firstly remove the grounding small casing, push the grounding lead into the casing; remove the wiring device; equalize the pressure cover; press the pressure equalizing ball oil storage tank oil level gauge, support the casing brass with the bracket End of the tube, and measure the length of the bottom thread; remove the pressure spring; measure the compression of the spring before tightening the pressure spring, tighten the pressure spring nut to compress the spring, when the fastening nut on the conductive tube is separated from the spring plate, take The lower fastening nut and the pressure spring are placed in the designated position; the porcelain sleeve is removed; the upper porcelain sleeve is lifted with a special hoisting rope; and the protective measures against the damage of the porcelain sleeve are removed; the capacitor core is removed; the brass tube is removed and the brass tube is removed The tail bracket, lift the capacitor core to the specified position; remove the lower porcelain sleeve, and connect the flange.

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