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The electric wood board can also be called “wood plank” and “phenolic laminate pressboard”. It is made of paper or cotton as reinforcing material and phenolic resin as adhesive material. The bakelite plate has high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, good machinability and insulation. It can be used to make insulation switches, resistors, jig boards, mould splint, comb and so on.

The initial shrinkage temperature of the electric board is 80 degrees, the radial shrinkage ratio is 2:1, and the axial shrinkage rate is 5%. In thermosetting resins, this shrinkage is in a medium position. The shrinkage rate of epoxy resin is the smallest, which is around 1.5%. The shrinkage of other resins, such as unsaturated polyester resin, is about 5%, and the shrinkage rate of silicone resin is about 6%.

From the perspective of shrinkage, the advantage of electric board is not obvious. Its biggest strength lies in its price. The price of electric wood boards is much lower than that of other similar materials. People always like things that are cheap and beautiful. Production is all about controlling costs, so in this respect, they are very popular.

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