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When a transformer fails, the transformer differential protection action will jump the high and low voltage side switches of the transformer and cut off the transformer. Other transformers operating in parallel can continue to operate to ensure continuity of user power usage.

When the transformer is being tested or repaired, it can be removed from the parallel system. The rest of the transformer bears all the power load, which not only ensures the planned maintenance of the transformer, but also ensures the uninterrupted power supply of the load, and improves the reliability of the system power supply.

Increase the capacity of the grid for easy scheduling. We know that the seasonality of the electrical load is very strong, generally the load is relatively large in summer, and the electrical load is small in winter. In this way, when the load in winter is small, the parallel transformer that is partially operated can be exited, which reduces the no-load loss caused by the operation of the large-capacity transformer and improves the efficiency of the entire power grid.

For example, a peak load of a power supply network requires a transformer of 40000 KVA. If a transformer of 50000 KVA is selected, the transformer needs to operate normally at any time. If the transformer fails, it will affect the normal power consumption of all the equipment downstream of the transformer. For some power users that do not allow power to be cut off, it will cause huge losses and even cause safety accidents. For example, the data storage device of the big data room.

Moreover, when the load is reduced in winter, the transformer will have a large horse-drawn carriage. If three 25000KVA transformers are used in parallel operation, one transformer can be cut off when the load is small, so as to reduce the no-load loss and reactive load of the transformer, and greatly improve the power supply reliability of the power system.

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