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The copper clad plate supplied on the market can be divided into the following categories: paper substrate, glass fiber cloth substrate, synthetic fiber cloth substrate, non-woven substrate, composite substrate, and others. The so-called substrate refers to reinforcing materials such as paper or fiberglass cloth. According to shape classification, it can be divided into 4 types: copper clad laminate, shielding plate, multilayer board material and special substrate.

The above 4 kinds of plates are described as follows.

Copper clad plate, refers to the base material such as paper and glass fiber cloth, impregnated with resin, made of adhesive sheet (adhesive paper and rubber cloth), and combined with several pieces of adhesive sheet, one side or double side with copper foil, and made by hot pressing.

Shielding board refers to copper clad laminate with shielding layer or graphic line inside. As long as processing two sides of the line, can be multi-layer PCB. It is also called “copper clad plate with shielded layer”.

Multilayer material is copper clad laminate and adhesive tape used for making multilayer PCB. It also includes resin coated copper foil (RCC) for multilayer laminates. The so-called multi-storey plate refers to two surface and internal, with several layers of graphic circuit board.

Special substrates refer to laminated plates, metal core boards, etc., which are not included in the special boards of the above kinds of boards. The metal core substrate also includes a resin coated substrate (FBC, etc.).

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