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Recently, the electric power reform program has been introduced, and the electric power reform has also led to the development of the power transformer industry. With the increasing demand of electricity in China, the market of power transformers is expanding, and the development of the industry is growing.The power transformer is a static electrical device, which is used to transform a numerical value of alternating voltage (current) into another frequency or the same number of different voltage (current) devices.

In recent years, China’s electricity demand has been growing rapidly, and the high speed construction and investment of the power grid have driven the demand for the market of transmission and transformation equipment. The huge investment in power construction has brought opportunities and challenges to the transformer industry, which has promoted the rapid development of the transformer industry.

Transformer is the key electrical equipment for electric power transmission. Because of the large number of transformers, the power consumption of the transformer itself is considerable. According to the data from the 2015-2020 year electric power transformer industry market demand prediction and investment strategic planning analysis report released by the foresight Industry Research Institute, at present, the power consumption of all transformers in China accounts for 3%~10% of the national power generation. In the distribution network loss, the loss of the transformer accounts for 40%~60%, and the potential of energy saving is great.

According to the global power transformer research report, it is estimated that by 2019, the global power transformer market will increase to 28 billion 690 million US dollars, and the compound growth rate will be 7.7%. In fact, with the increasing competition in the transformer manufacturing industry, the merger integration and capital operation between the transformer manufacturing enterprises are becoming more and more frequent. Transformer as an important part of the power equipment industry, especially in the transmission and distribution section, the stability and safety application of transformer oil has also become one of the key links to ensure reliable operation of power.

According to expert analysis, the production of transformer oil, as the key link of the entire power industry, not only needs high attention, but also needs to develop to the direction of fine and professional, excellent quality and technological innovation. China is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. In recent years, especially in recent years, accelerating the construction of the power transmission from the west to the East, the North South mutual supply and the cross regional networking have led to the rapid development of China’s power transmission and distribution equipment industry. According to the analysis of the industry, from the current market development, in the next few years, China’s transformer manufacturing industry It will also usher in a period of continuous and stable development.

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