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When an abnormality occurs in the operation of the isolating switch, the monitoring should be strengthened first, and the load should be immediately reduced if necessary and possible, until measures are taken to eliminate the hidden danger. If the isolating switch is mounted on the
busbar, the busbar should be stopped as much as possible. For example, shift the load to another bus to get the bus out of operation.

If the busbar stops running, it may cause a large economic loss. Consider taking the live working mode for repair, such as tightening the loose fasteners. In general, emergency measures to temporarily short the disconnector can only be taken as a last resort.

If there is an overvoltage and flashover, discharge, and breakdown to ground, etc., immediately stop power or take live operation.

The following abnormalities occur in the running disconnecting switch, which should be quickly dealt with to avoid the fault expansion: 1, fastener loose; 2, insulator loose due to external trauma, adhesive aging; 3, serious fouling on the insulator; 4, not tightly closed or closing is not in place; 5, due to poor contact temperature rise too high.

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