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The usage of fiberglass

Glass is known for being brittle, once it is heated and … Continue reading The usage of fiberglass

Glass is known for being brittle, once it is heated and pulled into a fiberglass much thinner than a human hair that forgets its true nature and becomes as soft as synthetic fibers, stronger even than stainless steel wires of the same thickness.A glass rope twisted from fiberglass, as thick as a finger, can lift a truck full of goods.

Fiberglass is both insulated and heat-resistant, so it is an excellent insulating material.At present, most electrical machinery and appliance factories in China have adopted glass fiber as insulation material.A 6, 000-kilowatt generator has more than 1, 800 fiberglass insulation parts.As a result of using glass fiber as insulation material, not only improve the performance of the motor, but also reduce the motor volume and the cost of the motor.

Another important use of fiberglass is to work with plastics to make various kinds of fiberglass composites.Glass cloth soaked in hot – melt plastic, pressure molding is fiberglass.Fiberglass is stronger than steel and neither rusts nor corrodes.If the glass melts, use a jet of air or a flame to blow it into thin, short fibers.This becomes glass wool.Glass wool has strong thermal insulation properties, so it is used in many industrial sectors as insulation, sound insulation, heat insulation, shock and filtration materials.

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