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Not long ago, I had shared some knowledge about insulating tape. Do you know anything about the “waterproof insulating tape”? Today, Zhongtian Electric Group Co., Ltd. is going to talk to you about the use and features of the waterproof insulating tape.

The use of waterproof insulating tape is as follows:
1. The waterproofing and sealing of the ground wire;
2. The repair of the outer sheath of the wire;
3. The cable joint of the diving electric shock cable is waterproof and insulated;
4. Chemical and mine mechanical and electrical pipeline anticorrosion seal protection;
5. The waterproof and seal protection of the overhead insulated wire joint;
6. Communication equipment base station, antenna, peep line and other joints waterproof;
7. It is suitable for the recovery of the main insulation of 1000 volts and below;
8. It is suitable for the insulation of the motor lead of 1000 volts and below;
9. The terminal of the electric power cable insulation recovery and waterproof treatment, and the waterproof and sealing of the intermediate joint.

The waterproof insulating tape has six characteristics, as follows:
1. Self melt adhesive tape;
2. The use of temperature range is wide;
3. Good compatibility with all kinds of cables;
4. It has a good shape on the irregular surface;
5. Excellent weather resistance and waterproof sealing performance;
6. It has excellent bonding properties to copper, aluminum and cable sheath materials.

The types of insulating materials are more complex. Later, we will introduce other kinds of insulation materials for you. If you have good suggestions and opinions, please contact our customer service staff in Zhongtian Electric Group or leave a message for us.

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