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The use of rectifying transformer

Rectifying transformer is the power transformer of rect … Continue reading The use of rectifying transformer

Rectifying transformer is the power transformer of rectifying device.The rectifier is characterized by the original input AC and the secondary side output DC after passing through the rectifier element.The converter is a general term for three modes of commutation, reverse current and frequency conversion.The rectifier is one of the most widely used.The transformer used as the power supply for the rectifying device is called the rectifying transformer.Most industrial rectified dc power supply is obtained by ac power network through rectifying transformer and rectifying equipment.Rectifier transformer is a transformer specially used for rectifier system.

The voltage range of rectifier transformers used in the electrochemical industry is much larger than that of furnace transformers.For chemical salt electrolysis, the voltage adjustment range of rectifier transformer is usually 56% to 105%.For aluminum electrolysis, the pressure adjustment range is usually 5%-105%.Common voltage regulation methods, such as furnace transformer, have variable flux regulation, series transformer voltage regulation and automatic regulator voltage regulator.In addition, due to the characteristics of the rectifier element, the phase Angle connected by the silicon rectifier element can be directly controlled on the valve side of the rectifier furnace, and the average value of the rectifier voltage can be adjusted smoothly.cars onlyThis regulation method is called phase-controlled voltage regulation.In order to achieve phase control voltage regulation, one is the use of crystal valve, the other is the use of self-saturation reactor.The self-saturating reactor is basically composed of an iron core and two windings, one is the working winding, which is connected in series with the rectifier transformer.The load current flows between the secondary winding and the rectifier.The other is a dc control winding, which is supplied by another dc source.The main principle is to use the nonlinear change of ferromagnetic material to make the reactance of working winding very high.It changes a lot.By adjusting the DC control current, the phase control Angle alpha can be adjusted to adjust the average rectifier voltage.

Rectifier transformer is widely used in various industries, mainly divided into lighting, machine tools, mechanical and electrical equipment, medical equipment, rectifier and so on.Product performance can meet the special requirements of users.The electrochemical industry is the industry that USES the most refined, electrolytic nonferrous metal compounds to make aluminum, magnesium, copper, and other metals.


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