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ZTelec team has successfully arrived in CWIEME exhibition in Berlin, Germany. This exhibition will last for 3 days (21TH~23TH, May) and I hope that everyone will seize the opportunity of this technical exchange. Wish you full harvest.

Sincerely inviting you to our booths 1.1B, F40 and F42. In the booths there are some samples including motors, distribution transformers, electrical insulation materials, enamelled wire manufactured by our company ZTELEC.

Our professional technicians and international business managers are waiting for your visit. Welcome to have a technical exchange with us.

At the exhibition, our company sent 6 people, including 3 international business managers, 1 transformer engineer, 1 enameled wire engineer and 1 insulation material engineer. Professional on-site service is available. We have a lot of free samples and can pick up at the 11b, F40, F42 booths. These samples will involve electrical equipment such as motors, transformers and transformer cabinets.

The CWIEME Exhibition covers the full EMTG value chain hosting base material producers, material processing companies, component manufacturers, technology providers, service companies and OEMs.

It is regarded as the most significant meeting place for specialised engineers, designers, procurement and business professionals to identify the latest trends, technologies and innovations.

The CWIEME Programmes will bring together thought-leaders and innovators from both technical and commercial disciplines across the electrical manufacturing and e-mobility worlds.

All in all, ZTELEC GROUP is very honored to have the opportunity to participate in the exhibition.

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