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The oil-immersed transformer 80°C is a critical value. When it exceeds this temperature, it indicates high-load operation. The oil-immersed transformer will automatically start a self-protection program and automatically trip. If the transformer is running in this state and it will cause damage and cause a large area power outage, electrician repair will also take time. Therefore, the stable operation of the oil-immersed transformer is related to the stability of the entire power grid. The oil-immersed transformer ’s temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is not timely. When the temperature of the substation transformer is close to or exceeds the maximum temperature allowed by the operating regulations, and the transformer itself has limited heat dissipation, the general approach is to stop the industrial users and special users and the transformer to stop the operation to reduce the temperature. These cooling measures have made unnecessary . The loss of power and the reduction of power supply reliability. So what else can cool the transformer?

There are the following ways to protect oil-immersed transformer

1. Blow the oil-immersed transformer: But in high-temperature weather, the electric power workers pick up high-pressure water guns and drill into the “sauna” -like substation to cool the transformers in a “cool water bath”. They are also equipped with 4 sets of giant fans “whisper” Blow up. This also plays a role in cooling.

2. Flushing the oil-immersed transformer is a professional job of the power system.

Flushing the live oil-immersed transformer with water is extremely demanding. In addition to requiring the operators to have the corresponding professional skills, during the flushing process, the operators also need to wear professional protective equipment such as insulating gloves and boots. And the staff only flush the transformer’s radiator, not the live part of the transformer.

3. The oil-immersed transformer ventilation: The solid door of the transformer can be changed to a mesh door to facilitate ventilation, which is used to relieve overheating caused by poor ventilation.

4. Pressure-assisted cooling car of oil-immersed transformer: When using a transformer-assisted cooling car, after filling its water tank with water, move it to the operating position, and then fix the nozzle to the appropriate position of the oil-immersed transformer through the fixing parts. When the control device collects that the temperature sensor signal value exceeds the set value, it first starts the pump to work for a short period of time. At this time, the pump presses the water into the booster chamber and compresses the air in the booster chamber to increase the internal pressure of the booster chamber. Then open the solenoid valve for water spraying. The oil-immersed transformer-assisted cooling vehicle according to the present invention can automatically work only after the workers have set up the sprinkler head and the control device, the workers do not need to operate for a long time, and can easily operate in a place without a water source.

4. The oil-immersed transformer hold ice to cool down: In order to cool down the substation with heavy load, the power supply department urgently transports ice cubes, and “cools down” the transformers that are too hot to prevent trips and power outages. Ice cubes were placed under the two main transformers. In this way, in the few hours when the ice cubes melt that can be ensured that the transformer temperature will not rise rapidly.

In short, when the oil-immersed transformer reaches a certain temperature, the transformer needs to be appropriately rested. In order to avoid overload operation, causing a large area power outage.

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