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Insulation tubes and paper will be affected by various external forces in the process of use. For example, the insulation paper used in high voltage and large capacity generator should be able to withstand the high mechanical stress caused by high speed rotation, starting stop and sudden short circuit. Therefore, high mechanical properties are required, mainly including tensile strength and elongation at break. Thermal stability is a very important index of insulation paper, and it is a main factor to produce low voltage insulation aging, and determines its service life. Under normal operation, the electric field intensity only has a slight effect on the aging process of the insulation. Insulating paper, which is used in a relatively high temperature for a long time, will become brittle due to thermal aging and gradually lose its mechanical and electrical properties.

The possibility of corrosion of insulating pipes is the degree of anticipatory corrosion rate or expected corrosion impact in planned service life. It is impossible to predict corrosion rate accurately because people can not fully understand the parameters of the system, and the randomness of local corrosion is uncertain. These arrows indicate the current density of the anode and cathode reactions at a specific instant. It must be assumed that two very narrow arrows will be exchanged periodically so that they have the same time in two crack locations. The results were corroded continuously along the surface. It is made of high quality epoxy resin tube with good insulation property and good mechanical strength, light weight and high moisture treatment. It has the characteristics of light weight, high mechanical strength of insulation rod, convenient carrying and so on. Grip: silicone rubber sheath and silicon rubber umbrella skirt are adhered. The insulation performance is excellent, and it is safe and reliable.

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