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Before 1971, China’s thermosetting resin based composites industry was mainly military industrial products, and began to turn to civilian use after 70s. Since 1987, various foreign advanced technologies have been introduced from all over the world, such as pool and wire drawing, short cut felt, surface felt production line and various grades of polyester resins (American, German, Dutch, British, Italian, Japan) and epoxy resin (Japan and German) production technologies. In the molding process, the introduction of pipe, tank production line, pultrusion production line, SMC production line, continuous board unit, resin transfer molding (RTM) molding machine, injection molding technology, resin injection molding technology and fishing rod production line, formed from the research, design, production and raw materials supporting the complete industrial system.

By the end of 2000, more than 3000 manufacturers of thermosetting resin matrix composites in China had reached more than 3000. 51 of them had been certified by ISO9000 quality system, and 3000 varieties of products. The total output reached 730 thousand tons / year, ranking second in the world. The products are mainly used in construction, anticorrosion, light industry, transportation, shipbuilding and other industrial fields. In the building, there are interior and exterior wall, transparent tile, cooling tower, air conditioning cover, fan, glass steel tank, sanitary ware, purification tank and so on. In the petroleum chemical industry, mainly used for pipeline and storage tank; in transportation, main body, bonnet, bumpers and other parts on the car, the train has 78 compartment plate, windows and doors, seats, boats are the main hovercraft, lifeboats, fishing boats, reconnaissance etc.; Have a considerable scale in mechanical and electrical fields such as roof fan, axial fan, cable tray, insulating rod, integrated circuit board and other products; in the fields of aerospace and military, light aircraft, tail, satellite antenna, rocket nozzle, bullet proof plate, body armor, torpedo have achieved a major breakthrough.

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