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1. Components of transformer oil
Transformer oil is mineral oil. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons with many different molecular weights. It is a hydrocarbon compound which is mainly composed of alkane, naphthenic hydrocarbon and a small amount of aromatic hydrocarbons.

2. The function and brand of transformer oil
The transformer oil is used as the insulating oil of the oil immersed transformer. The transformer oil not only has the effect of insulation, but also the function of heat dissipation. The transformer oil is divided into No. 25 oil and No. 45 oil according to the different solidification point. The freezing point of No. 25 oil is minus 25℃, and the freezing point of No. 45 oil is minus 45℃. No. 25 transformer oil belongs to paraffin base oil, and No. 45 transformer oil is naphthenic oil. In the past No. 45 transformer oil would be imported from abroad, and now the Karamay refinery in Xinjiang can also produce.

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