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What are the applications of insulating materials in electrical equipment? In many electrical equipment, insulation materials are often used to isolate other materials from electric sports. Commonly found solid insulating materials are: insulating paper, laminate, rubber, plastic, paint, glass, ceramics, mica, etc., such solid insulation materials are often used in various industrial production. Since the insulating material has a very large resistance to the direct current, under the action of the direct current voltage, substantially no current flows through the surface, and the insulation is excellent.

Insulating crepe paper is a widely used electrical material, and the performance requirements for insulating materials vary among various electrical equipment. For example, high-voltage electrical equipment, high-voltage cables and other insulating materials used in high-voltage electrical equipment require high breakdown strength and low dielectric loss; while low-voltage electrical appliances have mechanical strength, elongation at break, heat resistance grade, etc. as the main requirements.

Insulated crepe paper is wrapped on transformers and transformers and high-voltage cables to protect the conductive insulation layer from damage. It is widely used in transformer factories, transformer factories, reactor factories, electromagnetic wire factories and high-voltage cable factories use.

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