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The insulating tube has excellent flexibility and elasticity, good dielectric and chemical resistance. It is suitable for wiring, insulation and mechanical protection of electrical machinery, electrical appliances, instruments, radio and other devices. If the insulation oil in the insulated pipe is leaking oil, how do we deal with it? Here is a brief introduction to you.

(1) the insulating tube with insulating oil inside will cause the oil sleeve to be misplaced due to the cracking of the porcelain bushing and the excessive bending load, or the oil leakage will be caused by the aging of the sealing material. When the oil leakage is serious, it will not only cause the insulation breakdown of the bushing, but also cause great damage to the bushing equipment itself, such as transformers, reactors, oil circuit breakers and so on. Therefore, in case of oil leakage, the severity of the oil should be investigated and necessary measures, such as stop operation or replacement, should be taken according to the situation.

(2) the oil leakage can be monitored by observing the position of the oil surface and checking the conditions around the installation part of the insulating pipe. The method (structure) to monitor the position of the oil surface varies slightly with the different manufacturing plants, and attention should be paid when the oil surface is lower than the visible range of the oil level  meter.

(3) the sealing material of the insulated pipe is made of synthetic rubber and other organic materials, so the aging will inevitably occur with the increase of the use time. Therefore, it should be checked regularly and the sealing material should be replaced at every proper time.

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