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13.PETG ethylene glycol modified ethylene glycol terephthalate

Typical application range:

Medical equipment (test tube, reagent bottle and so on), toy, display, light source cover, protective mask, refrigerator fresh-keeping disk, etc.

Injection molding process conditions:

Drying process: the drying process before processing is necessary. The humidity must be less than 0.04%. It is suggested that the drying conditions are 65 and 4 hours, and the drying temperature should not exceed 66 °C.
Melting temperature: 220~290 °C.
Mold temperature: 10~30 °C, recommended at 15 °C.
Injection pressure: 300~1300bar.
Injection speed: high injection speed can be used on the premise of not causing embrittlement.

Chemical and physical properties:

PETG is a transparent, non crystalline material. The glass conversion temperature is 88 °C. The permissible range of PETG injection molding process is wider than that of PET, and has the comprehensive characteristics of transparent, high strength and high wayward.

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