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17. PPE polyvinyl alcohol

Typical application range:

Household items (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.), electrical equipment such as the controller shell, fiber coupler and so on.

Injection molding process conditions:

Drying process: it is suggested that dry treatment of 2~4 hours and 100 °C before processing.
Melting temperature: 240~320 °C.
Mold temperature: 60~105 °C.
Injection pressure: 600~1500bar.
Runner and gate: all types of gates can be used. It is particularly suitable for using a handle gate and a fan-shaped gate.

Chemical and physical properties:

Generally, commercial PPE or PPO materials are mixed with other hot plastic materials such as PS, PA and so on. These mixtures are generally known as PPE or PPO. The mixed type of PPE or PPO has much better processing characteristics than the pure material. The changes in the characteristics depend on the ratio of the mixture, such as PPO and PS. The mixture that is mixed with PA 66 has a stronger chemical stability at high temperature. The moisture absorption of this material is very small, and its products have excellent geometric stability. The material mixed with PS is amorphous, and the material mixed with PA is crystalline. Adding glass fiber additives can reduce the shrinkage to 0.2%. The material also has excellent electrical insulation characteristics and very low coefficient of thermal expansion. Its viscosity depends on the ratio of the mixture in the material, and the increase in the ratio of PPO will result in an increase in viscosity.

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