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According to the use can be divided into: impregnated insulating varnishes, for winding impregnation insulation, enameled wire paint, insulating layer used as a conductor, silicon-steel sheet paint, insulating layer for silicon steel sheet, cover of insulating varnish, used as a protective layer of the winding of impregnated insulating, to prevent mechanical damage or assembly convenience; Insulating materials such as laminates, insulating coatings for special insulating varnishes such as resistors, capacitors and potentiometers.

The composite insulating casting is used as insulating medium for oil or gas, which is usually made into a transformer casing or circuit breaker bushing, which is usually applied to the voltage level below 35,000 volts. The inner cavity of the composite insulated casing conductor and the porcelain suite is filled with transformer oil and plays a radial insulating role. When the voltage exceeds 35,000 volts, the conductor is sheathed with an insulating tube or a package cable to enhance insulation. The conductor structure of composite insulated casing has two kinds of cable-type and
guide-Rod. The cable-type use of the transformer’s lead cables directly through the casing, easy installation. When the working current is greater than 600, the cable-type structure is difficult to install, generally using the guide bar structure.

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