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The insulation bar must first check the surface of the insulation rod. It must be smooth, no cracks and no damage. The rod should be straight, and the connection between the parts should be reliable and qualified according to the cycle test. When
used, wear gloves and insulation boots as required. If high voltage insulation rods are used for outdoor rainy days, a proper amount of rainproof cover should be installed to prevent water flow and maintain a certain dry surface. There are not less than 2 rainproof covers under rated voltage 10kV and below, not less than 4 35kV and below. No special protective device is not allowed to operate outdoor when it rains or snows.

Insulation materials are widely used in many fields such as electrical appliances, electronic information, automobile and aerospace. The insulation materials such as insulating varnish, insulating paper, insulating tube, insulation board and so on are
also developing very well. In recent years, the innovative application of insulation materials has gradually become one of the key driving forces for sustainable energy development in China.

In recent years, domestic insulation materials industry has developed rapidly in recent years, especially compared with foreign
production enterprises, there are obvious cost advantages.

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