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Insulation casing is by the electrician non-alkali glass fiber cloth with epoxy resin, after baking, after hot pressing molding processing of cross section is, round rods of the glass cloth rod has high mechanical properties. Dielectric performance and good mechanical processing. The heat resistance level can be divided into class B (130 degrees), F (155 degrees), H (180 degree), C (180 degrees above). It can be used in electrical equipment for insulation structure, and can be used in wet environment and transformer oil.

Insulating sleeve appearance: the surface should be smooth, no bubbles, oil and impurities, allowed to have not impede the use of color disparity, bruises, slightly unequal, wall thickness more than 3 mm epoxy tube allows end face or cross section have not impede the use of the crack.

The production process of insulating tube can be divided into wet volume, dry roll, extrusion, and silk winding.

The insulation pipe has high mechanical, heat and dielectric properties and is suitable for insulation structure in electrical equipment, and can be used in wet environment and transformer oil.

The size of insulated sleeve can be processed according to customer’s requirement.

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