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The yellow lacquer tube, which is made of oil insulated varnish with cotton fiber tube, is one of the earliest varieties in China. The cotton fiber tube has been gradually replaced by fiber tube and synthetic fiber tube because of its low heat resistance and poor moisture resistance and mildew resistance.

At present, most of lacquer tubes are made of glass fiber as low material, and the main coatings are oil insulating varnish, alkyd paint, acrylic paint, silicone paint, silicone rubber and modified polychlorinated hexene. In recent years due to the rapid development of electrical industry especially in household appliances, insulation paint tubes are required to have high temperature resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant, self extinguishing properties.

Therefore, on the basis of the continuous emergence of new synthetic resin and continuous improvement of the braiding structure of the billet tube, a new type of F insulation lacquer tube, flame-retardant insulating sleeve, glass fiber fixed line casing and double glass fiber sleeve has been developed.

In foreign countries, there are polyimide glass fiber tube, chloroprene rubber glass fiber tube, polyaryl amide fiber tube, polyester film polyester fiber tube and other varieties.

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