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Voltage regulation mode

The voltage regulation mode of transformer has two kinds of non excitation voltage regulation and load voltage regulation. Non excitation voltage regulation, also known as no load regulation, is to adjust the voltage when the transformer stops running or without load. The on load tap changing operation is to run voltage in the condition of transformer operation and load. The voltage regulation device without excitation voltage regulation is called unloaded tap changer; the device with load regulating pressure is called the load tap switch.

Load voltage regulation position

The transformer has three kinds of voltage regulating position, such as neutral voltage regulation, medium voltage line voltage regulation and high voltage coil line end voltage regulation. The structure and process of the neutral point regulation are relatively simple and the application is much more.

Load voltage regulation switch

The voltage regulating switch is also split switch. At present, the quality of the on load tap changers produced in China is not good enough. Most of the on load tap changers rely on imports, which are imported from Germany MR and Sweden ABB company.

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