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Because the best insulating material has outstanding insulation strength and easy to process, it is widely used in the insulation of power supply, electrical, computer, and commercial aircraft, and the insulation of copper and aluminum.

According to the specific insulation material to judge the best insulation materials, it should have the following

1. High insulation resistance and resistivity: the resistance is the inverse of the conductance, and the resistivity is the resistance in the unit volume. The smaller the conductivity of the material, the higher the resistance of the material, the reciprocal relationship between the two, and for insulating materials, always hope the resistivity is as high as possible.

2. Small relative dielectric constant and dielectric loss Angle tangent: insulation material is used for two: dielectric insulation and capacitor media for each part of the electrical network. The former requires the relative dielectric constant is small, the latter requires high relative dielectric constant, and requiring small dielectric loss tangent, both especially under high frequency and high voltage application of insulating material, in order to make small dielectric loss, all require the use of dielectric loss Angle tangent small insulation.

3. High enough breakdown voltage and electrical strength: the loss of insulating material in a strong electric field and the loss of insulation property become conductive state, which is called breakdown. The voltage of breakdown is
called breakdown voltage (dielectric strength). The electric strength is the distance between the voltage of the two electrodes under the prescribed conditions and the distance between the two electrodes of the external voltage, which is the breakdown voltage of the unit thickness. For insulating materials, the average breakdown voltage and electrical strength are higher and higher.

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