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4. Good tensile strength: the maximum tensile stress in tensile test. It is the most widely used and representative test for mechanical properties of insulating materials.

5. Strong flammability: the ability to resist the burning of an insulating material when it is exposed to flame or to prevent it from burning when it is exposed to flame. With the increasing application of insulating materials, it is more important for the combustion resistance of the insulator to improve and improve the resistance of insulating materials through various means. The higher the fire resistance, the better the safety.

6. Excellent resistance to arc: the ability to withstand the arc of an insulating material along its surface under specified test conditions. In the experiment, it is used to exchange high voltage small current, and the electric arc between the two electrodes is used to make the insulating material surface to form the conductive layer to determine the resistance of the insulation material. The larger the time value, the better the arc resistance.

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