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There are many kinds of insulating materials, which can be divided into three categories: gas, liquid and solid. Commonly used gas insulation materials are air, nitrogen, six sulfur fluoride and so on. Liquid insulating materials are mainly two types of mineral insulating oil and synthetic insulating oil. Solid insulating materials
can be divided into two types, organic and inorganic.

Organic solid insulation materials include insulation paint, insulating adhesive, insulating paper, insulating fiber products, plastic, rubber, lacquer lacquer tube and insulating impregnated fiber products, electrical film, composite products and adhesive tape, laminated products for electrical use, etc. Inorganic solid insulation
materials include mica, glass, ceramics and their products. High voltage electrical equipment, such as high-voltage motors, high voltage cables and other insulation materials require high breakdown strength and low dielectric loss.

Low voltage electrical appliances use mechanical strength, elongation at break and heat resistance grade as main requirements. The properties of the insulating materials such as electrical properties, thermal properties, mechanical properties, chemical resistance, climate change and corrosion resistance are closely related to the chemical composition and molecular structure of the insulating materials. Inorganic solid insulating material is mainly composed of silicon, boron and many kinds of metal oxides. It is mainly composed of ion type structure. The main characteristic is high heat resistance, the working temperature is generally greater than 180 °C, the stability is good, the aging resistance, chemical resistance and the aging performance of the electric field are good.

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