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Insulation board, also known as insulation pad, insulation sheet, insulation blanket, has good physical and mechanical properties, and has excellent insulation performance. It can work in the environment with high dielectric constant at -35~+100 °C dry air.

Insulation boards are widely used in substations, power plants, distribution rooms, test rooms and field work.

Insulating board is made of rubber insulating material, and there should be no harmful irregularity on the upper and lower surfaces of the insulating board. An irregular plate harmful refers to one of the following characteristics, defects damage uniformity, surface damage and smooth contour, such as holes, cracks, local swelling, incision and inclusion of foreign body, conductive crease, voids, and casting marks such as corrugated bump. Harmless irregularity refers to the surface irregularity formed in the process of production.

The insulation board has a high requirement for thickness. On the whole insulation board, 5 or more different points should be selected for thickness measurement and inspection. It can be measured by instruments. The accuracy of the micrometer should be within 0.02mm. The diameter of the drill is 6mm, the diameter of the plane presser is (3.17 + 0.25) mm, and the presser foot should be able to exert (0.83 + 0.03) N pressure. The insulation plate should be placed flat to make the measurement between the micrometers smooth.

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