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what is cable paper

Cable paper also known as insulation paper is with insu … Continue reading what is cable paper

Cable paper also known as insulation paper is with insulation properties, ash loss function paper.Cable paper is also called cable insulation paper.An insulating paper used for high voltage power cables, control cables and signal cables.

Cable paper is wrapped in the outermost layer of the cable to protect the conductive core insulation layer seal, not to let moisture invasion, not to let the insulation layer suffered damage.For web.The quantitative range is 45 ~ 175g/m2.Paper is tough and even.High tensile, folding and tearing strength.Free of metals, grains of sand, and conductive acids.High permitivity.Low power factor.The stability of paper is good when treated with insulating liquid.Varieties are divided according to thickness or color.Unbleached needle-leaf wood pulp is produced on a long – mesh paper machine by free – form beating without sizing or filling.Turn-to-turn insulation for wire or cable.Cable paper is divided into three types: low-voltage cable paper, high-voltage cable paper and insulating wrinkle paper.Low-voltage cable paper is mainly used for insulation of power cables, control cables and communication cables of 35kV and below. The main brands are dlz-08, dlz-12, etc.High voltage cable paper has a small dielectric loss factor, suitable for high voltage cable insulation of 110kV and above, the main brand is gdl-045.Gdl-075, (jdl-125, gdl-175, etc.Corrugated insulating paper is used as insulation for various connector boxes of high voltage oil-filled cables.



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