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In the large family of composite materials, fiber reinforced materials have always been the focus of attention. Since the advent of glass fiber reinforced plastic FRP, carbon fiber, ceramic fiber and boron fiber reinforced composite materials have been developed successively, and their properties have been improved. So the field of composites has shown a booming vitality. Let’s get a look at the distinctive carbon fiber composites.

Carbon fiber is a special kind of fiber composed of carbon elements. The carbon content of carbon fiber varies with different types, usually above 90%. The general characteristics of carbon fiber with carbon materials, such as high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. But unlike carbon materials, its appearance has obvious anisotropy and soft, can be processed into a variety of fabrics, along the fiber axis show a very high intensity. Carbon fiber has a small specific gravity, so it has a high specific strength.

Carbon fiber is made of artificial carbon fiber which has high carbon content and does not melt during the heat treatment, and has been thermally stabilized, carbonized and graphitized. The main use of carbon fiber and resin, metal, ceramic and other matrix composite, made of structural materials. Carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites, the specific strength, specific modulus than the composite material, the highest in the existing structural materials. In the fields of density, stiffness, weight, fatigue properties and other demanding requirements, carbon fiber composites are superior in applications requiring high temperature and high chemical stability.

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