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What is electrical insulating board

The general term for insulated circuit boards in the el … Continue reading What is electrical insulating board

The general term for insulated circuit boards in the electrical industry.Air insulation board must also have a high degree of sealing and voltage strength, unbleached sulfate wood pulp as raw material made by viscous beating which used in electric motors, power meters, etc.Usually have air insulation board and oil insulation board, with good insulation, heat resistance, durability and other characteristics.
Electrical insulation board supply for electric motors, electrical appliances, meters, switch transformer and other electrical board components.The use of insulation board is: to make slot, coil wire, gasket, protective layer and other air medium insulation materials. It can also be used as partition material in transformer oil groove, temperature is not higher than 90℃.
Insulation board divide into two types. They are board and net board, the thickness of which is greater than 0.5mm.Plates with thickness of 0.5mm or less.The raw materials of insulation board are unbleached sulfate wood pulp and cotton pulp which are beaten respectively (the beating degree is controlled at 38~42°SR).Production must use pure water, pipes, slurry pump cleaning, washing which do not mix with impurities of the conductive components.Using special insulated paper board for copying.The speed depends on the thickness of the paper board.For example, the speed of board is 22~25m/min, the thickness is 0.1~0.3mm.The speed of copying 0.4~0.5mm thick board is 8~12m/min.That is to say, plate thickness, slower speed.Finally through the press pressure to complete.
Electrical insulation board is suitable for electrical insulating materials and components, such as groove insulation, coil, components, gaskets, protection, and other electric motors, electrical appliances, instrumentation, switches and transformers use electrical insulating materials, and used for insulation board temperature is not higher than 90 ℃ transformer used in the components, gasket protection material such as insulation materials, etc.

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