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What is polyamideimide

Polyamideimide is PAI in short. It is polymers which im … Continue reading What is polyamideimide

Polyamideimide is PAI in short. It is polymers which imide rings and amide bonds are regularly interlocked.Glass transition temperature of 250 ~ 300℃, 250℃ has excellent mechanical properties, thermal deformation temperature of 269℃, tensile strength of molding plastics 90MPa(23℃) and 59MPa(260℃), bending strength of 157MPa(23℃) and 96MPa(260℃).

The strength of PAI  is unmatched by any industrial unreinforced plastics in the world . Its tensile strength exceeds 172MPa and its thermal deformation temperature is 274℃ under the load of 1.8mpa.Torlon polymers may also be solid polymers after manufacture, providing better performance by increasing molecular weight through post curing. After curing at 260℃, curing time and temperature mainly depends on the thickness and shape of the parts .It can be used for a long time at 220℃, without weight loss at 300℃, and decomposes at 450℃ or so .It has better adhesion, flexibility and alkali resistance, and can be mixed and crosslinked with epoxy resin for curing, with good abrasion resistance.

PAI  is a kind of thermoplastic resin which has the aromatic heterimide group and the flexible amide group in the molecule. So it has excellent heat resistance, dielectric, mechanical properties and chemical stability that is an excellent engineering material in many fields. Especially in the electrical industry has been widely used.




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