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Both phenolic and epoxy boards are insulating materials. What is the difference? There are many product categories for insulating materials. Epoxy boards and phenolic boards are commonly used, and phenolic boards are further divided into 3023, 3025, 3026. Among them, electric boards are also a kind of phenolic board, and epoxy boards have 3024 and fr-4 is also called fr4 and so on.

On the material, the epoxy board is made of an alkali-free glass fiber cloth for electricians and is impregnated with a hard insulating plate made of epoxy resin. The phenolic board is made of paper and cotton products impregnated with phenolic resin. A hard insulating plate. The use and performance of these two types of plates are basically the same, but there are many people who can easily confuse them. Let’s take a detailed analysis of how different the two are.

First of all, from the previous text, we know that the two kinds of plates are very different in the pressed material. After curing, the epoxy resin shows a very low shrinkage (less than the phenolic resin). 20%). The color is also different. The color of the phenolic board is natural and brown, and the color of the epoxy board is yellow and yellow. From the temperature requirements are also different, phenolic board can generally reach 120 to 140 degrees, the epoxy board is relatively higher than the phenolic board, can reach 130 to 1.6 About ten degrees. Compared with the bending degree, the epoxy board is much superior, and the impact strength and the compressive strength are much better, but the phenolic board can be used in an oily

The two plates are also very different in the application field. Epoxy boards are generally used in the electrical and electronic industries as insulating structural parts, and phenolic phenolic boards are generally used in machinery.

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