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What is the epoxy rod

The epoxy rod is made of alkali glass fiber cloth what … Continue reading What is the epoxy rod

The epoxy rod is made of alkali glass fiber cloth what is soaked by epoxy resin. It process of circular cross section by forming mould with hot pressing which has good mechanical performance, good mechanical properties with dielectric properties. The heat resistance is B. It is suitable for insulation structure parts in electric equipment which can work in damp environment and transformer oil. The surface need smooth, free of bubbies, grease and impurities which allows uneven colors, slight uneven height. Laminated glass cloth bars larger than 25mm in diameter are allowed to have cracks that do not interfere with use.This product is made of epoxy resin and glass cloth.Model 3240. High mechanical performance at medium temperature, stable electrical performance at high temperature.Suitable for mechanical, electrical and electronic parts with high insulation structure, with high mechanical and dielectric properties and good heat and moisture resistance.

Epoxy rods can be classified into two types:

  1. Epoxy glass fiber rod, also known as drawing rod, is commonly used for lightning arrester or insulator rod.
  2. Epoxy alkali free cloth laminating rod, commonly known as cloth or laminating rod, is commonly used for machining insulating parts.The mechanical properties of transformer are better than that of drawing rod.

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