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I believe you have a certain understanding of the imported PVC boards, but few people can answer the questions about their characteristics or material and performance problems. Zhongtian Electric Group Co., Ltd. has popularized the knowledge of PVC boards for you.

Generally speaking, the color of PVC plate is white and gray, but some customers also need PVC color board, which can also be customized. This sheet of bright colors, with the product quality of the implementation of gb/t4454-1996, has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high strength, anti UV (aging), fireproof (self extinguishing), reliable insulation performance, smooth surface, no water, no deformation, easy processing etc..

The product is excellent thermoforming material. It can replace some stainless steel and other corrosion resistant synthetic materials. It is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, electroplating, water purification treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment, mining, medicine, electronics, communication and decoration industries. Imported PVC plate has the advantages of cold resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, flame retardant, insulation, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and so on. It is widely used in the processing of welding engineering.

U-PVC board: using high quality raw materials and additives, molding through scientific mixing, extrusion, filling (low density: 1.45-1.55), excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance. C-PVC board: high temperature, can maintain sufficient strength in no more than 100 °C, have very low thermal conductivity, can be used in the manufacture of chemical resistance, chemical corrosion resistance

About PVC panel is introduced to you. If you have other questions, you can call our company hotline, and the staff will give you a satisfactory answer to your questions.

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