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Through the last article, we have learned about the properties of organic glass. Here we go on to understand what its role is.

Organic glass has a variety of excellent properties. Because of its very wide use, it has a larger demand on the market. In addition to the canopy and windshield window chord on the plane, as well as the jeep windshield and windows, a large building roof (can prevent broken), television and radar screen, instrument and equipment protective cover, telecommunications instrument shell, the telescope and the camera optical lens. An array of daily necessities made of organic glass, such as a button made of pearlescent plexiglass. All kinds of toys, lamps and lanterns are also decorated with color organic glass, and appear particularly beautiful.

There is a wonderful use of organic glass in medicine, which is the manufacture of artificial cornea. If the eye’s transparent cornea is filled with opaque substances, the light can not enter the eye. This is the blindness caused by the leukoplakia of the whole cornea, and the disease can not be treated with drugs. As a result, the medical scientist envisaged the replacement of the cornea with the white spot with artificial cornea. The so-called artificial cornea, which is made of a transparent material, makes a mirror column with a diameter of only a few millimeters, and then drills a small hole in the cornea of the human eye. The mirror column is fixed on the cornea, the light through the lens column into the eye, the eye can see the light.

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