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The role of the insulated wrinkle paper in the transformer lead line should first be said from the characteristics of the insulated wrinkle paper:

The wrinkled insulating paper is suitable for oil immersed transformer, reactor and transformer to wrap around the insulation. The insulated and wrinkled paper is one of the main solid paper insulation materials in the transformer oil paper insulation system, which directly affects the quality and life of the transformer. The product of high purity insulation wood pulp is made of cable paper by machine. The product has high strength, good elongation and pH value of neutral.

Then what is the role of the insulated wrinkle paper in the transformer lead?

1. The insulated corrugated cardboard has good mechanical strength, high voltage resistance, smooth surface and rich toughness.

2. The insulation corrugated cardboard is easy to cut, and it still keeps a certain intensity in oil immersion after dismantling. This feature is very good to protect the transformer lead from being extruded and disconnected, that is, it meets the insulation requirements and meets the mechanical performance requirements.

3. Because the insulated wrinkle paper can form the oil paper insulation combination with the transformer oil. The dielectric constant of both is close. The electric field at the same time can be even more uniform.

4. The lead wire must bend, the insulated wrinkle paper can be bent with the lead, and will not break and meet its mechanical requirements.

5. To enhance the role of insulation. When the crepe paper is wrapped, the insulation voltage will increase, especially when it is immersed in the insulating oil.

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