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Transformer component is a subsidiary device which is an important device to adjust the abnormal AC voltage in the power system. Today we focus on learning the no-load loss properties of the transformer. The no-load loss of the transformer mainly refers to the loss value produced by the original side current around the copper
or the original side windings such as iron. Usually, the loss of the load is related to magnetic material and magnetic flux density.

Energy saving transformer: this series of energy saving transformers are suitable for AC 50 HZ with a working voltage less than 500 V. The series of transformer insulation heat resistance grade is F grade. This series of energy saving transformer cores are made up of cold rolled high quality silicon steel sheets, and the coil
structure adopts cylinders, elliptical cylinders and rectangular cylinders. Small volume, excellent performance, safe and reliable.

ZSG series rectifier transformer: widely used in industrial charging, DC lighting, DC excitation, electrolysis electroplating, electric power drag, and so on. The ZSG series rectifier transformer has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple maintenance, reliable operation and so on.

EPS, UPS special transformer: EPS, UPS special transformer with high magnetic and low loss, low noise, low temperature, radiation resistance and non-toxic, maintenance free, high environmental protection and so on. The special transformer has high impedance and high efficiency in space efficiency and power conversion.

QZB series autotransformer: using autotransformer to reduce the voltage of the power supply to reduce the starting current and to change the starting current by selecting the different tap of the autotransformer and to change the starting torque. This starting mode has little effect on the electric source voltage when starting.
The impact of the machine is small, and the starting time of the motor is relatively short. The three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor usually used for 320KW is not frequently started and stopped.

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