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The maintenance of the dry type transformer is generally performed indoors to keep the body clean. The main transformer overhaul should be selected on a sunny day without dust and other pollution; the time of the body’s exposure to the air should not exceed the following requirements: Relative humidity of air ≤65% is 16h; relative humidity of air ≤75% is 12h; exposure time of the body is from when the dry transformer is drained to when vacuuming or oiling is started; 220kV main transformer should be connected to a dry air device. construction..

dry transformer

The temperature of the body should not be lower than the ambient temperature. Otherwise, a vacuum oil filter should be used to circulate heating oil and heat the dry-type transformer to make the body temperature higher than the ambient temperature by more than 5 ° C.

When inspecting the body, it should be performed by a special person, wearing special maintenance work clothes and shoes, and wearing cleaning gloves, cold weather should wear a mask, lighting should use low-voltage running lights or low-voltage energy-saving lamps.

The tools used for the body inspection should be kept by a special person and should be numbered and registered to prevent them from being left in the fuel tank or the body. When entering the dry transformer oil tank for maintenance, continuous dry air must be filled to prevent staff from suffocating.


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