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Insulation crepe paper features

1. High toughness;

2, excellent dielectric properties;

3. High thermal conductivity;

4. UL insulation system certification;

5, thermal stability;

6, non-toxic and tasteless.

Where insulation crepe paper is used

Insulated crepe paper, mainly used on transformer wrap leads:

1. Because the insulation crepe paper can form an oil-paper insulation combination with the transformer oil. The dielectric constants of the two are relatively close. It is possible to make the electric field between them more uniform.

2, the lead bends, the insulation crepe paper can be bent with the lead, will not break, can meet the requirements of the machine.

3, can play the role of insulation, after the insulation crepe paper, the insulation voltage will increase. Insulated crepe paper is formed after professional treatment. It is approved by experts, and the quality is absolutely clear. You can use it with confidence.


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