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Epoxy phenolic resin plate is a hard plate insulating material made of impregnated paper, cotton cloth, glass cloth, impregnated phenolic resin and epoxy resin by baking hot press. Epoxy phenolic resin plate has high mechanical strength, dielectric properties, oil resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for insulating parts in electrical machinery and electrical equipment with high demand, and can be used in damp environment and transformer. The heat resistance grade is B grade.

Main features: good mechanical strength, anti-static, intermediate electrical insulation, is made of bakelite impregnated paper with phenolic resin, baked and hot pressed.

This product is suitable for mechanical and electrical equipment, which can be used in transformer oil. Good mechanical strength, suitable for PCB drilling with gasket, distribution box, fixture board, die plywood, high and low pressure distribution box, packaging machine, comb, etc.

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