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Why epoxy resin is yellowing

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Epoxy resin is widely used in electric insulation, anticorrosive paint out of high bonding strength, low shrinking percentage, good stability and high mechanical performance. In recently years epoxy resin has been boomed as a industry. To make epoxy resin yellow has many factor. 1 A structure of aromatic epoxy bisphenol is easy to oxidize and produce carbonyl to form flavoring groups.2. The free amine components in the amine curing agent are directly polymerized with epoxy resin, resulting in local warming and accelerated yellowing.3, tertiary amine accelerator, UV irradiation are easy to change color.4. If the temperature is too high in the reaction process, residual impurities and metal catalysts in the system will induce yellow. The effective solution is to add antioxidants and ultraviolet absorbent, which can effectively prevent and delay yellow. However, there are many kinds of antioxidants that select suitable products requires certain technical support and experience accumulation.

The ultraviolet ray is the main factor to make epoxy resin yellow. So we will add ultraviolet light absorber with epoxy resin that use outdoor to delay yellowing.

The use of antioxidants and ultraviolet absorbent can not  solve the problem of yellowing, but in a certain range and a certain time, or effectively prevent the oxidation of products yellowing that keep the product transparent water color to improve the level of products.

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