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With the development of economy, the production technology of various products has been continuously improved, and the packaging industry has been developing rapidly. At the same time, because of the continuous improvement of consumption level, consumers not only pay attention to the intrinsic quality of products, but also care about the packaging quality of products. As a result, the manufacturers also choose a variety of high-grade packaging materials for their high-end products, so as to make the packaging as delicate as possible, now the use of insulated kraft paper is constantly being favored by consumers.

Insulating kraft paper is not much different from ordinary paper. Why is the insulated kraft paper stronger than the ordinary paper? This is mainly the long wood fiber used in making insulated kraft paper, and it is treated with caustic soda and alkali chemicals when the wood is cooked, so that the chemical effects of the wood are relatively mild, and the damage to the original strength of the wood fiber is smaller because of the paper and fiber made of the pulp. The fibers are closely related, so the kraft paper is very tight.

High density insulating cardboard is a common insulating material. It has very good advantages. High density insulation board has high mechanical and dielectric properties. It is suitable for electrical and electrical equipment as insulation components, and can be used in wet environment conditions and transformer oil.
The surface of high density insulation board should be smooth and smooth, not allowed to have bubbles, impurities and other obvious defects, allowing a slight bruise, the edge should be cut neatly, the end face should not have a layer or crack.

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