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The woven adhesive tape has excellent performance and can be used on the motor to improve performance, make the motor safe and reliable, and simplify the lashing process. Used on transformers to improve transformer performance, reduce the punching and shearing process of the silicon steel sheet and the vibration and noise of the transformer. Therefore, the weft-free adhesive tape is widely used in defense, chemical, electrical, mechanical and other departments.

The weft-free adhesive tape and the thin weft tape are semi-dry prepreg tapes which are processed by a silane surface-treated alkali-free glass fiber impregnated thermosetting resin. The quality of the product wrapped with the weft-free adhesive tape is stable and reliable. The resin content is not affected by the winding tension, and the tension can be accurately controlled in different winding layers to give the product the best strength and stiffness structure. Easy to use, high speed winding for increased productivity. The products made by Danny Pine have a tensile strength comparable to that of alloy steel and a specific gravity of only 1/5 of that of alloy steel.


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