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ZPSG Type Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer

Product Standards 1. Phase shifting(high voltage variab … Continue reading ZPSG Type Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer

Product Standards
1. Phase shifting(high voltage variable frequency speed control)special transformer series could be produced according to customers’ requirements.
2. Rated Capacity:315-1600KVA.
3. The phase shifting angle is 0°, 12°, 24°, 36°,48° or according to customers’ requirements.

Technical Data-ZPSG Type Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer
Rated Capacity
Rated Voltage Output Voltage×
Group Number
Phase Shifting Angle Insulation Grade Reference Dimension
Reference Weight
315 6KV+5%
or 10KV+5%
690V×15 or others 0°,12°,24°,36°,48°
or others
H Class 1480×820×1340 1320
400 1480×820×1420 1500
500 1530×820×1510 1750
630 1530×820×1580 2100
800 1590×940×1650 2450
1000 1680×920×1760 2950
1250 1710×920×1765 3400
1600 1780×940×1870 4250

Product Features
In the recent years, with the rapid development of the power electronic technology, the high-voltage variable frequency speed adjustment technology has been widely used in the products, such as blower speed adjustment, and pump speed adjustment. The basic principle of the speed control by frequency variation is that: to change the power frequency alternating voltage into the direct current voltage by the rectifier bridge, then through the inverter the direct current voltage will be changed into the alternating current whose frequency and voltage are adjustable. And it will be used as the driving power supply of the alternating current motor and help the motor get the voltage and current which are needed for stepless speed regulation, a kind of high efficiency speed adjusting method without additional slip loss.

AC motor speed adjusting drive is a new technology which develops rapidly in recent years in China, and variable frequency speed adjusting technology has been listed as one of the ten energy saving and comprehensive utilization technological transformation demonstration projects. Manufacturing the phase-shifting rectifier transformers domestically is in urgent need for the mature development of variable frequency speed adjusting technology.

Following the demands of market and based on the technology of leading product of non-encapsulated dry type transformer, our company successfully have researched and developed the multi-winding phase-shifting rectifier transformer which could be classified into several groups such as 9 secondary sides, 12 secondary sides, 15 secondary sides, 18secondary sides and 24secondary sides having carious shifted phases, according to transformer capacity.

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