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As far as epoxy resin is concerned, it is neither toxic nor environmentally friendly in the manufacturing process, and will not cause any harm to personnel and environment in operation. In the important projects of developed countries in Europe and America, there is still a large amount of epoxy resin pouring and epoxy resin products, which is enough to prove that the use of epoxy resin products is completely reassuring.

As for the recovery and degradation of products, the recovery and treatment of the two products are similar. After the life end, the epoxy resin pouring type dry type transformer can only be deeply buried, not only waste the resources, but also pollute the land resources. For example, the recycling process of the resource recovery is more complex and the cost of recovery is high, and the NOMEX paper insulation dip drying can be recovered and nontoxic after the use of good degradation. The process of recycling is simple and the recovery cost is low. As a large enterprise specializing in the production of various kinds of power transformers at the national level, deep special change electric has won the first “environmental management system certification” and “China environmental marking product certification” double green certificate enterprises in the Chinese transformer industry, and the company is the environmental symbol and technical requirements.

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