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Firmly bend the corner of the insulating gasket, the good rubber gasket does not leave white crease; use the hand to remove the cross section or appearance of the insulating gasket, the high quality rubber gasket will not slag and slag (due to the addition of a large amount of talc The powder will be slag); the lighter the insulating gasket, the better the quality, the high content of glue, less impurities, strong toughness and good tensile properties. Investigate the material of the insulating gasket, the original rubber is good, the higher the original rubber content, the better the quality of the rubber mat.

PET insulation gaskets have high strength and can be selected from a variety of thicknesses: 0.1mm, 0.125mm, 0.188mm, 0.25mm, 0.35mm, etc., with bright, matte (matte), milky white, black and other colors, temperature resistant ( 130 ° C) and insulation function is excellent, so it is used for mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics, information communication and other boundaries. The dimensional stability function is excellent at high temperatures, the heat shrinkage rate is low, and the heating maintains excellent flatness. Ordinary flexible circuit boards used in car dashboards, computer keyboards, game consoles, calculators, digital cameras and home appliances.

It should be applied to a wide range of fields: 1, insulation gasket; 2, high temperature filter material; 3, stone foam paper substitute; 4, mosquito nail reinforcement; 5, electric heating insulation material; 6, high temperature furnace , heating device wall lining; 7, kiln masonry, furnace door, top cover seal; 8, car silencer, exhaust pipe silencer insulation material.

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